It’s Nice To Be Naughty — Create A Wild Retirement

Eric Asbeck

I took a self-development course once that defined play as, “give and take without intent.”

Sometimes it’s great to have purpose, intention, a reason, or a plan when you’re doing something. You can make some amazing things happen that way.

And then there are times when you want to do something just for the joy of it without practical purpose.

Some of the most fun I’ve had has included a bit of mischief.

Remember That Time When…?

I remember a class once where we did an exercise to loosen everyone up.

We stood in a circle and began walking clockwise. The leader gave instructions like, “hop” or, “stay 3 feet from the person in front of you,” and so forth.

Well… When the leader said stay 3 feet away, I got bored walking behind the woman in front of me. I realized I didn’t need to just stay in line so I moved up and walked beside her. And the person behind me had to follow along.

Then I walked ahead of her, still staying 3 feet away. The person behind me blurted out, “Wait! You can’t do that!” But of course I could and the person behind me had to scramble to keep up.

A few other people started laughing when they saw what was happening. Then others began trying odd and mischievous combinations.

Soon we were all howling and scrambling to keep up with all the disruptive things people were doing while still, “following the rules.”

By the time we finished the exercise, I’d been smiling and laughing so much and so long that my cheeks hurt. Others said the same.

See, a bit of naughtiness made all the difference!

Remove The Shackles!!

Want to make the most of the rest of your life?

Imagine doing all those things you’ve always wanted to do (naughty and nice)!

Here’s a tip: Create your “Bucket List” of the top experiences and achievements you hope to have. Then you can get into action and start making them happen.

Want To Do It Together?

NEW: Join my Retirement Bucket List 5-day challenge! It’s free, gives you a treat during those lazy days between Christmas and New Year’s, and only takes a few minutes each day… and you’ll end up with a great list of fun retirement ideas!

Here’s the link to join:

Eric Asbeck — Join the Retirement Bucket List challenge

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for more about making the most of the rest of your life.

Thanks for reading!



I’ve wanted the security of financial independence for a long time and regularly spent some of my time over the years…

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P.P.S. Acknowledging some others who’ve helped and joined me along the way:, Tim Maudlin, Linda Halladay, Larry Nowicki, Helen Boss, MaryJo Wagner, PhD, Vickie Trancho, Bob Walter, Dan Langerock, Terry Mansfield, Cynthia Charleen Alexander, Casi Mclean, John Kremer, Andrew Poletto, Dinah Spitalnik, Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Julie Anne Eason, Anne Young, Lihua Wang, Jacquelyn Lynn, Donna L Roberts, PhD, ILLUMINATION, Maximilian Perkmann, Thewriteyard

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